Garry Holland

Republican for WA State Senate - 22nd District

I am committed to strengthening communities. As a husband and father, I know the value of a quality education, meaningful work and selfless public service. Among the most treasured resources in our State are its’ public employees who serve with distinction in our schools and public support agencies.

Our community will be confronted with great challenges in the years to come and a remarkable effort will be required to assure a bright and sustainable future for all our citizens. We must continue to address our funding challenges in education; develop sustainable budgets that reflect our values while not burdening future generations; and enact policies that grow our economy and allow for optimal job creation.

I will go to work immediately in the State Senate to keep full funding of our schools, improve state programs for homelessness, and strengthen public safety in our neighborhoods.

Core Values

I am committed to our neighborhoods, our houses of worship, our workplaces, our families and to the immutable values that bind us together as a community.

Safe Neighborhoods
Great Schools
Good Government
Homeless Support
Public Agency Audits
Lower Taxes
Improvement of Public Roads
Reduce Business Regulations

More About Garry

I have a wide range of professional experience that makes me well suited to ensure I will be an effective Senator for you in the 22nd District.

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